What Is A Links Style Golf Course?

How is it different from any other type of golf course?

A links style golf course is a type of golf course that is typically found in coastal areas. They are usually built on sandy soil. The term “links” comes from the Old English word for “rising ground” or “ridge,” which describes the type of terrain often found on links courses. Links courses are generally characterized by wide open spaces, few trees, and undulating terrain.

Some of the most famous links courses in the world include St. Andrews in Scotland, Royal County Down in Northern Ireland, and Bandon Dunes in Oregon. Another great links style course is Chambers Bay in Washington, which is where the 2015 U.S. Open was held.

Lack Of Water Features

One of the biggest differences between links style golf courses and other types of courses is the lack of water features. On a links course, you’re more likely to find natural hazards like bunkers and pot bunkers than you are to find ponds or lakes. This lack of water means that links courses tend to be drier and harder than other types of courses, which can make them challenging to play in windy conditions.

Few Trees

Why do links style golf courses have so few trees? There are a few reasons for this. First, links courses are generally located on coastal areas and coastlines, where there are typically fewer trees. Second, links courses are often built on sandy soil, which is not conducive to tree growth. Finally, trees can interfere with the wind patterns that are essential to links golf.

Grass Types

Another difference is the type of grass that grows on links courses. Because links courses are often located in coastal areas, they are often covered in grasses like fescue and bentgrass. These grasses are different from the turfgrasses that are typically found on other types of golf courses, which can impact the way the ball rolls and bounces.

What Is The Difference Between A Bunker And A Pot Bunker?

A pot bunker is a small, often circular bunker with steep sides that is usually found near the green. A bunker is a large, usually rectangular, pit that is usually found on the fairway or around the green.

Play On A Links Course

If you’re looking for a challenge, links style golf courses are definitely worth checking out. Just be prepared for some windy conditions and different grasses!


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