Learn About The U.S. Kids Golf Local Tour And How Your Child Can Play

Do you want your child to learn how to play golf? The US Kids Golf Local Tour is the perfect place for them to start! This tour offers children of all ages the opportunity to learn about the game of golf and play in tournaments against other kids their age. In this blog post, we will discuss who plays on the tour and how you can sign your child up for a tournament. We hope that this information helps you get your child started on the path to becoming a golfing champion!

The Kids Golf Local Tour is open to any child aged 5-18. There are no membership fees and no requirements to join. All that is required is that your child has access to a golf course and is able to play in tournaments. The tour offers two types of tournaments: stroke play and match play. In stroke play, each child plays their own game and the one with the lowest score wins. In match play, each child is matched up against another child of similar ability and they play head-to-head. The winner is the one who wins the most holes.

If you would like to sign your child up for a tournament, you can do so by visiting the Kids Golf Local Tour website. There you will find a list of upcoming tournaments as well as information on how to register. You can also find out more information about the tour, such as the rules and regulations, by visiting the website.

We hope that this article has given you some insight into the Kids Golf Local Tour and how your child can get involved. Golf is a great game for children to learn and the Local Tour is the perfect place to start. So what are you waiting for? Sign your child up today!


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