Review: Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder

This is my review of the rangefinder I own, the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder.

Get It Here – $199.99

The NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder by Precision Pro Golf has been very kind to me since my ex-girlfriend purchased it for me more than 3 years ago. Having precise knowledge of my distance to the hole has definitely boosted my confidence on the course. It is fast and precise, and with flag-locking technology, it’s even able to measure flags blowing in the wind with my shaky, jittery, unsteady hand. I’ve even been able to measure flags through some sparsely-leaved trees, but it’s tough to make it work through dense trees.

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My score dropped by at least 10 strokes as soon as I was able to start accurately measuring my distances. I simply look through the viewfinder, aim, and press the button on top. Within about one second the rangefinder gives me a gentle pulse vibration and shows me a very precise distance, accurate to within one yard. It’s water resistant, too, so I can play in the rain. The company claims that the battery will typically last for around 10,000 uses, which for the average golfer should be approximately one year depending on usage. I honestly have no idea how many times I’ve used it, but I’ve had it for more than 3 years and my battery is still going strong. However, in the case that my battery does die, the company also provides free lifetime battery replacement services. I haven’t had to request a replacement yet, but I’m sure it’ll work out when that day comes.

Precision Pro claims that the rangefinder will measure objects at distances over 600 yards away. While that is true for larger objects, I can’t verify that it would work on something as small as a golf flag since as I’ve never actually used it to measure more than 250 yards (I’ve never had the need to! 🤣). It seems to me that it’s just too hard to lock on to a flag more than 250 yards away with the amount of hand shake you end up wielding (heck, even 200 yards is a challenge).

Some buyers have even claimed they like this one better than a Bushnell. I’ve never used one of those, so I couldn’t tell you. But all in all, I would highly recommend this rangefinder if shelling out $200 for one is in your wheelhouse. It’s well worth it.

BONUS: It’s tournament-legal.


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