What Are The Different Ways And Methods Of Keeping Score In Golf?

Here’s how to keep score in golf.

The two main methods of scoring in golf are stroke play and match play. In stroke play, the score for each hole is totaled up for the round, and the player with the lowest score at the end wins. Match play is different in that each hole is a separate contest, and players can “win” or “lose” holes. The player who wins the most holes out of 18 total, wins the match.

There are also variations on these two main types of scoring. For example, in stableford scoring, players receive points for their score on each hole, with fewer strokes earning more points. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the round.

Another popular variation is skins, in which players compete for prizes on each hole, with the winner being the player who has the lowest score on that hole. If there is a tie for low score on a particular hole, the prize carries over to the next hole.

Golfers can also keep track of their own personal score by recording their “birdies,” “eagles,” and “pars.” This is a way of measuring progress and improvement over time, and can be a fun way to keep track of your own game.

So, there are many different ways to keep score in golf. Whether you’re playing stroke play, match play, or one of the many variations, there’s a scoring method that’s right for you. So get out there and start playing!


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